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 About Us


Established in 1984, this national award winning Florida Palms Academy program has found that children can best be helped when their clinical and educational needs are addressed simultaneously. Florida Palms Academy is a regional community-based residential treatment facility which focuses on the deinstitutionalization of emotionally disturbed children.


Located in Hollywood Florida, Florida Palms Academy is an inpatient, psychiatric treatment program for Elementary and Middle school students; from ages 6-14 years old. Currently limited to 38 patients, Florida Palms Academy is designed to therapeutically assist children in working through issues that have led to their current emotional and behavioral condition while in a safe and secure environment.


Our goal is to return children to a less restrictive environment to continue their progress through intensive in‐home services with their families. Florida Palms Academy encourages students to explore their emotional issues, under close clinical supervision, while providing a superior academic environment.  ​The estimated length of stay may vary based on the specific needs of the children; however the typical length of stay is 4-6 months. Florida Palms Academy is not a long term treatment program.

Every child is unique and we believe that success and growth come from encouragement and praise. Our staff focus on building every child’s self esteem and confidence through positive feedback and rewards. 

Our Mission Statement

To provide effective and innovative community based mental health and educational services to children with emotional and behavioral impairments and their families in a variety of family and residential placement settings.

Our efforts will be focused on securing meaningful and lasting solutions. We will accomplish this goal be enhancing client's ability to function in a manner that is respectful of their individuality and satisfying to them.

We believe that professionalism, integrity, commitment and responsibility are integral qualities in all members of out organization. Humor, understanding and optimism are also essential in the achievement of our mission.”


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