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Medical Services 

Florida Palms Academy offers 24-hour medical care with complete wraparound services, under the highest standards of care, Florida Palms Academy employs experienced and highly qualified Florida licensed nursing personnel to deploy medical services. These services include, but are not limited to: medication compliance, medication side effect monitoring, medication efficacy, administration of first aid for minor injury, and non-emergency illness care, surveillance, and treatment.


All residents are assessed at admission by the Florida Palms Academy medical team and referred for labs, tests, or physical evaluations as deemed medically necessary by our physician. Residents will receive routine medical care, such as dental, vision, labs and well/sick checks throughout their attendance at Florida Palms Academy. If medically necessary, the physician may also order and refer the resident for additional medical services as needed.


Residents will also meet with our psychiatrist, therapist and nurses on a weekly basis for weekly medication management appointments. 

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