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Admission Process

Prior to your admission date:

You will be asked to complete some pre-admission paperwork (see PDFs) ahead of time and bring them with you on the date of admission. Completing some pre-admission paperwork will save time at the admission and help with our comprehensive intake process.

On the Day of Admission:

Our team is prepared for your arrival on your child’s admission day. Please arrive on time for your scheduled admission. 

Please bring all current medications (already filled). We must have a minimum of 3 days worth of medications,

When you arrive, you will meet with the Admissions Coordinator and nurses who will admit your child in to the program. You will also be provided with a tour of the facility. The admission process can take approximately 2 hours so please prepare accordingly.


At any time during the process should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us 954-963-0991.

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