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Referral Process 

How to make a Referral:

Once your child has been recommended for SIPP by their psychiatrist or psychologist, you will complete the SIPP Application (see PDF), gather the necessary documents on the Documentation Required for Referral Form (see PDF) and submit your completed packet to our Admissions Department.

If your child has a Targeted Case Manager, they can also help you through the process as well. However, at anytime you feel overwhelmed and need guidance, please call us for help.


What happens when FPA receives your referral?

Once our Admissions Department receives your full referral packet, we will review it to determine appropriateness for our program. Determination for acceptance or denial is determined by our multidisciplinary team made up of clinicians, nurses, teachers, residential care managers and psychiatrist.  Determination of either an acceptance or denial is strictly on an individual basis.

If all documentation is submitted in the initial referral, a typical response can be given in approximately 2 business days of receipt. Determination can take longer in the event additional records are required for review or the initial packet is incomplete.


If a denial is issued:

If your child was denied, the referring source will notify you and provide you with alternative programs or services to meet your child’s needs.


If an acceptance was issued:

If your child was accepted, the referring source will be notified and the Admissions Coordinator with contact you to discuss the next steps.

Once the Admissions Coordinator contacts you, additional documents might be requested to finalize the referral packet. Once an admission date and time is established, Florida Palms Academy will submit a request to your child’s insurance company for Prior-Authorization approval. Prior Authorization is required BEFORE your child can be admitted to the program.

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