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Service components that comprise Florida Palms Academy include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Intake Assessment

  • Psycho-Social evaluation

  • Intensive Psychotherapy (Individual, Family, Group) weekly

  • Multi-disciplinary scripted individualized Treatment Planning

  • Psychiatric Consultation and weekly Medication Management

  • Substance Abuse Screening and Counseling

  • Recreational Therapy

  • Accredited Education through Broward County Schools

  • Medical services (regularly scheduled and as required)

  • 24 hour Nursing Services

  • Psychological Evaluations

  • Certified Behavioral Analyst Assessment

  • Formalized Discharge Planning

  • Case Management services



Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is scheduled at a minimum of one time per week with a Master’s level clinician. An individualized treatment plan tailored to meet the resident’s unique needs based on the assessment of the resident’s treatment team. The treatment plan is reviewed on a monthly basis.


Family Therapy

Family therapy is the cornerstone of treatment and is a requirement of the program. The goal of family therapy is to target issues specific within the family and assist with the integration of your child back into the home upon discharge. Sessions will be scheduled weekly with the resident’s therapist. Therapeutic passes with the family are a mandatory component of the program, which typically begins after the first two months of treatment.


Group Therapy

Clinical group therapy is conducted one time per week with a Master’s level clinician. Group topics include but are not limited to: anger management, grief and loss, social skills, mindfulness, abuse/trauma, letting go and bullying.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Residents with any presenting substance abuse issues will be screened and assessed to determine the need for substance abuse counseling by a Certified Addiction Professional. If it is determined counseling is needed, sessions will be provided on a weekly basis.


Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is an ongoing process that begins at admission. The therapist will work with your family on setting realistic goals and developing an aftercare plan for applying the techniques and skills addressed in therapy. Florida Palms Academy will assist in making necessary referrals to ensure success post discharge.

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